Services we offer

Whatever be your need, we have a perfect solution for it.

We’re South India’s leading provider of aquariums, accessories and allied products as well as after-installation services. Our services include right from setting up an aquarium, be it fresh water or marine water, custom-designing of aquariums to suit your ambience, supply of a wide variety of aquarium fish, which include exotic imported fish, aquarium equipments and accessories, providing ideal fish food as well as fish medications, setting up of fish spa, aquascaping, garden pond designing, rent-an-aquarium service, fish and aquarium insurance, prompt aquarium maintenance…

Your aquarium is home to very sensitive fish and plants. Maintaining their health and growth is very critical. Normally, aquariums are prone to bacterial infections, fungal infections and threat from parasites. Being very sensitive, fish are also prone to stress, especially when they’re shifted from one place to another. We have every facility, expertise, experience as well as a well-stocked medicine counter to deal with aquarium infections. On alert, our experts will attend to the problem, taking only a minimal turnaround time.

Let your aquarium accent the mood of the ambience of your space. Be it your home, office, showroom, clinic, salon… We have just the kind of aquarium ideas that you seek. The wide range we can offer include table tanks, column aquariums, cylinder aquariums, jelly fish panels, desktop aquariums, oval aquariums… The range goes on. We can also provide custom-designed aquariums as well.

How about insuring your aquarium and fish? We will help you to plan and get insurance for your aquarium. There are two kinds of insurance for the aquarium. One is for the aquarium, equipments and for fish. The other is for the potential damage an aquarium can cause to your home, furniture and other valuable, in case of a break or leak. In case you’re living in an apartment complex, you need to also see if any leakage will lead to loss of valuables to the family which stays downstairs. Our long expertise in the field enable us to offer you the best available insurance solutions that fits your need.

Having a function at your home? Office? Or in convention centres? Add more charm to the function by renting out a unique aquarium, crafted just for that purpose. We have a range of aquariums, and experts who come to your place, set up the aquarium and bring it back, after your need. Our range even includes some exotic designer aquariums too. You have the option of renting an aquarium for longer periods too. We offer prompt maintenance and other support services.

Fish spas are gaining popularity across the world. Fish spa bodicure, pedicure and manicure are the in-thing today. Make your customers feel special with a fascinating fish spa, at your place. We have years of experience in putting up fish saps for a host of clients. Our spas are absolutely hygienic, energy efficient. And we have just the design that matches the ambience of your interior. Once you put up your fish spa, we will provide continuous support and other maintenance services.

You’ve a garden and lawn around your home? Then, think of a garden underwater! Add magnificent charm to your interiors or balcony with aquascaping. We have an excellent track-record in setting up aesthetic aquascaping for a host of clients, hailing from as various sectors as residential, corporate, hospitality, healthcare and the like. We have access to the best ever choice of driftwood, rocks, aquatic plants and the like. Our expert aquascaping artists will spring a surprise with their craftsmanship in both the Dutch style as well as the Japanese scaping styles.

Want to change your indoors dramatically to lend a dream-like look? Then put up a nature aquarium or do aquascaping. The results will be amazing. We’re South India’s most sought-after, when it comes to aquascaping and nature aquariums. These can be setindoors or outdoors, in your garden. We have the expertise in putting up nature aquariums for many of our connoisseur customers. This involves setting aquatic plants, drift wood, rock formations under water, along with or without fish.

Create a haven around your garden, with a garden pond. Aesthetically done ponds, peopled with aquatic plants and fish add more life to your garden. Not only that, water attracts lots of birds and butterflies, making it the best place to relax with family and friends.