Sunsun Aquarium Top Light ADH-1000 (For Marine Tank) – 4 Feet

Sunsun Aquarium Top Light ADH-1000 (For Marine Tank) – 4 Feet




ADC series Aquarium Led Lamp. Import high power LED head lamp unit, the effective guarantee of breeding biology healthy growth. Simulated the illumination system of nature, contain the sunrise, noon, evening, night four patterns such as circulation, manual and automatic switching. Display all touch design, good visual interface. LED intelligent cooling system, improve the service life of lamps and lanterns. Retractable stainless steel stent design, size is suitable for all kinds of ecological aquarium. Long, color temperature, parameters are suitable for all kinds of aquarium, can promote the. Photosynthetic of the plant. Offer adequate lighting effects for fishes

Setup Introduction:
This intelligent light has different lighting mode: sunrise, noon, dusk, night. Each lighting mode also can be changed according to your requirements. Just long pass any button 5 seconds your lighting period to un-lock. Press up button or down button to select your lighting period. Please change to auto mode finally after your set-up time

Automatic Mode:
No need to turn on or off by yourself, you can press SETUP button to turn to automatic mode after finishing time setup

Manual Mode:
MAN button, when you use this mode, you have to turn on or off the light by yourself. To select mode accordingly to light demand

When progress or something is wrong long press SETUP button under unlock can turn to factory set, the time works according to set. Turn on and off the background lighting by pressing DOWN button under unlock. Trouble Shooting

Light Dimension:
Light Frame: 102x16x5 cm
Extandable Light Stand: 22x23x2 cm

Technical Parameters:
Model: ADC-1000
Input: 220v/50-60Hz
Output: DC-24V
Power: 120W
Light size: 1020x225x45 mm
Suitable tank size: 1130-1330mm
Glass thickness: 12 mm


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