Chenls Aquarium Plant Scissors C-01

Chenls Aquarium Plant Scissors C-01

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Used to trim and arrange plants in the aquarium. Safe way to handle water plants to minimise damage to plants while moving or arranging, a must for any enthusiast. Designed with human engineering, easy to handle sharp blade. Made of high grade stainless steel, the product is rust resistant, light and durable. Scissor bent at an angle, for easy access to nooks. The wave is used for various ways, such as detail trimming with high angled in small tank, and trimming in large area with low angle and trimming for foreground. Professional scissors wave is especially recommended for the use in a large size aquarium. It accelerates the pruning speed of the foreground plants. Our carbonation protection coating helps protects your scissors from discoloration and wear.

Rinse and dry after every use. Do not store scissors wet. Use only a soft, clean towel to dry. Do not use abrasive clothes or detergents to avoid damaging the finish. For freshwater aquarium use only. This tool contains sharp points and edges. Keep away from children and pets


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