Baywhite enriched is a new-generation shrimp feed that meets the requirements of vannamei farmers in India. Forumulated using premium ingredients, it increases the shrimp’s capability to cope with stress and disease. Thus efficiently converting nutrients into good health for shrimps and also better profits for the farmer.


Balanced nutrition is essential for good feed.

Balanced mixture of highly digestible marine and vegetable protein.
Matches ideal protein specification of vannamei
Marine specifically ingredients of high palatability
Releasing full potential of nutrients

Functional ingredients to enhance hepatopancreas function
Increases intake of essential lipids
Quick release of more essential fats and energy for growth
Promoting a beneficial of microflora

Synergetic blend of select natural anti-microbial compounds.
Limits Vibrio sp in shrimp gut
Maintains healthy microflora in gut
The new generation feed enriched with functional ingredients

Premium fishmeal, squid liver powder, fish oil, Lecithin, Soya flour, Wheat flour, Vitamins, Minerals, Functional natural ingredients to boost hepatopancreas function and shrimp health. Free of antibiotics.

Store the feed in a dry, cool and ventiliated place away from direct sunlight, preferably 15 cm above the floor and in a hygenic area.
Once opened, consume within 24 hours
Unload and stack the bags carefully to avoid dust.
Do not trample on the bags
Net wt: 25 Kg
Brand: The Waterbase Limited


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