About Us

Welcome to ULLAS AQUARIUM, your number one source for Quality aquarium supplies for Marine and Freshwater Aquariums. ULLAS AQUARIUM take pride in the variety of product knowledge, prices and quality of fish tank supplies which keeps all customers coming back.

Founded in 2001, ULLAS AQUARIUM has come a long way from its humble beginning, starting as hobbyists and evolving into the number One Marine Aquarium Specialist Shop in Kerala and a thriving online supplier. In 2012, ULLAS AQUARIUM was the first to introduce custom made EXTRA CLEAR glass Aquariums in Kerala. Our Aquariums adorn many of the Premium Hotel lobby across Kerala. We now stock thousands of aquarium products not only for Marine Aquariums but for freshwater Aquariums as well

15 years and with lakhs of satisfied customers across India, ULLAS AQUARIUM help customers have cool, successful fish tanks.

These days when online shops are mushrooming, it is difficult to decide which store deserves your hard-earned dollar. ULLAS AQUARIUM has already earned business and trust of lakhs of customers over these wonderful years. We are committed not only in delivering the best products to you but also to provide you with a great shopping experience by having knowledgeable hobbyists as staff to serve you.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love aquariums and hobbyists just like you, so we know the products inside and out.